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Geothermal Professionals Office – Solar Installation

Our solar system is a 12 kW system with 28 panels. There are 14 panels located on our shop roof, and 14 panels on a ground mount. Our system includes battery backup, enabling us to have power during an outage. We also have TIGO optimizers installed on the back of each panel ensuring the highest…

Geothermal Professionals Solar System

Our solar system has a Fortress backup battery that allows us to have power in the event of an outage. The battery also enables us to draw from battery power during peak grid power times, avoiding the higher cost. We have also installed a critical load panel that powers only the essentials such as lights,…


Vertical Drilling Job – Evan’s City, PA

This job is for a new construction home. We constructed and installed custom ducting for the home. The loop field consists of six geothermal loops. Each loop is drilled down to a depth of 200 feet. Once a borehole is drilled, it is grouted with clay. The loop field is connected in a manifold trench;…


AC Coupled Solar Installation

This solar installation is for an AC coupled system, meaning microinverters are installed on the roof to convert the DC power to AC power. This system includes 20 monocrystalline panels, to create an 8.5 kW system. Safety is a top priority for our crew, the installation began with installing safety equipment. Safety harnesses are worn…

What a Completed Install Looks Like


Slant Vertical Drilling

Slant vertical drilling is a minimally invasive method of drilling on small lots.

bore hole

Vertical Drill Job in Kirtland, OH


Horizontal Drilling job in Mckean, PA

Snow and cold temperatures don’t stop our drill crew! This job consists of 5 horizontal loops and a 4 ton YT series Hydron Module unit.


Horizontal Drilling Job: Hiram, OH