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Heating and cooling that’s out of this world…from the dirt in your backyard.

Geothermal Professionals is the only exclusive, full service geothermal installation company in the state of Ohio. We handle every aspect of the geothermal installation process from start to finish with our own employees. Our in-house services include vertical drilling, directional drilling, geothermal piping, fuse welding, electrical hook-up, equipment installation, and calibration. One phone call and we handle it all.  We are experts in geothermal HVAC systems, and we put all of our focus on what we know best. When you choose us you receive an advanced level of concentrated geothermal knowledge and project quality. From system design and sizing to drilling and installation management, Geothermal Professionals expertise is unparalleled.


The Only Exclusive, Full Service Geothermal Installation Company in Ohio

Geothermal Installation Process

Design & Sizing

As a qualified geothermal company, we expertly design your geothermal unit with these results in the forefront of our mind.

Loop Field Installation

Our unique patent pending drilling method greatly reduces the impact on your property, construction time and unsightly excavations.

Equipment Installation & Callibration

All installations are done by licensed installers with extensive experience in geothermal systems.

Maintenance & Service

Once the system is up and running, you will receive a thank you and a follow up phone call to assure your complete satisfaction.

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State Licensed Electrical Contractor

Geothermal Drilling

State Licensed
HVAC Contractor

Welding Certified

Employees Only

Refrigeration License

“The owner of the company came out to do our assessment and provide an estimate. He was thorough and informative, and presented the facts in a clear way.”


Lyndhurst, Ohio

"They were courteous, knowledgeable and able to help me right away. I am excited about Geothermal!"

Chris F.

Novelty, Ohio

"They were Top Notch. They worked with us to give us the unit that suited our needs exactly. They were totally professional, honest, friendly and very hard working. They finished the project ahead of time."


Ravenna, Ohio

"Geothermal Professionals were thorough and knowledgeable, the installation crew was tidy & polite. We love the geothermal system! It is cozy in the winter and comfortable in the summer.”

Kathy B.

Burton, Ohio

"A+ service, neat, clean, respectful. Electric bill was $400-$500 down to $200-$225 monthly. Heating and cooling comfort 100% better."


Cleveland, Ohio

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