Solar Ground Mount Vs Roof Mount

Solar power systems are becoming more and more popular for residential homes. Homeowners thinking of installing solar now have to think about the advantages and disadvantages of both roof and ground-mounted systems. To provide some insight let’s go over both.

Roof-mounted systems have the advantage of preserving yard space and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. They occupy space that would otherwise go unused, which is great for smaller properties. Roof mounts also require fewer parts to assemble than ground mounts do.

However, in some cases, a ground mount might offer a better solution. If the angle and orientation of your roof don’t offer a high enough irradiance, ground mounts will be a far better option. The ground mount will allow you to place panels in an area with higher solar access that will allow for higher production of electricity. Roofs that are complex or have many obstructions can also be tricky to install solar panels on, making a ground mount a better option in this case. Solar energy systems are designed to last decades. If your roof might need to be replaced within the lifetime of your system, ground mounts will eliminate having to reinstall your panels once your roof is replaced. Ground mounts will also eliminate any interference with your roof, as the racking systems for roofs must penetrate the roof to be secured. Additionally, Maintenance on ground mounts is much easier and less labor-intensive than it is for roof mounts. Another aspect to keep in mind is that solar panels operate at better efficiencies at lower temperatures; ground mounts allow for more airflow vs having panels located on a hot roof. In turn, ground mounts can actually offer better performance than roof mounts can. Again, the downside to ground mounts is that they take up more space and require more parts to install.

Ground mounts and roof mounts both have pros and cons. Space constraints and solar access are the major deciding factors when choosing between the two. With our advanced solar software, we are able to look at your property and determine which option is best for you.

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