Jobs – Week ending 3-13-2020

Hinckley OH engaged in an existing home retrofit. This home was previously running on air source heat-pumps and has pre-existing duct-work. The loop field is currently in the drilling process. This is a high volume home in terms of required cubic feet per minute of air flow and will receive 4 geothermal systems. The loop field design will allow for extended run times with the necessity of auxiliary heat.

The image on the left shows the high ceilings and roof line, quantity of glass and overall square footage. The center image is the manifold trench for the loops. It is here where they are tied into a larger main that will feed the geothermal unit in the house. Each geothermal unit will be tied to several individual loops that will traverse the virgin, clay-rich soils deep in the earth. The image to the right is a minimally invasive, low impact drill that is tooled specifically for geothermal installations. When this house is complete, there will be no visible piping, no trenches and no major disturbances to the landscape. The finished heating and cooling will exceed the comfort of natural gas and conventional A/C. The system will be safe, 100% carbon free (green), extremely quiet and very durable.

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