3-ton hydron module revolution YT series equipped with:

Two-stage Copeland scroll compressor

All aluminum microchannel evaporator coil

Emerson variable speed blower

2" filter rack, Merv 11 filter

Soft start capacitor

voltage regulator

Hot water generator

18-year warranty

Adjustable speed Gundos pumps with US-made brass

Control wiring, with Honeywell IAQ WIFI thermostatic controls

Ducting - transition fittings

10 KW automatic emergency heat module

High Voltage System Wiring

Condensate Piping

Isolation & Sound Dampening Pads

Labor for a complete installation, calibration, flush and fill with methanol for freeze protection

800' of drilling and loop installation utilizing 3/4" High-density polyethylene

Loop manifold, tie in through basement wall piping to flow center pressure test and backfill