We Service All makes and models of SOLAR systems

Solar Service and Maintenance

Maintenance Visits Include:

  • We service solar energy systems and backups
  • Solar Service and Maintenance
  • Maintenance Includes
  • Online monitoring from the inverter/microinverter. We can diagnose any issues remotely
  • No outside maintenance will be required. Our solar panels have no mechanical operations that should require adjustments unless they're damaged
  • If there is a malfunction as a result of a tree fall or any rare malfunction, this will require a visit. Fortunately our Microinverters have a warranty period of 20-25 years. Costs would be $180 for the service call, which includes the first hour of work. Beyond that, a $90 per hour charge will be incurred
  • We only install premier, tier-one manufactured goods. European-produced panels made to withstand heavy winds, hail, ice, sleet, snow, and rain. Built to the highest standard, with stout aluminum frames
  • These products are supported with the highest quality microinverters and equipped with rapid shutdown and communication to a wireless gateway.