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To All of Our Geothermal customers Please Take note of the following price changes

starting January 3, 2022, we are going to be increasing our prices for maintenance and service visits

This will be the first price increase in our 17 years of business, due to the rise in material costs. Below are the installed prices including tax and labor, we do not sell retail. These prices preceded any previously given prices.


Service Calls: $180.00 first half-hour of service, $90.00 for each additional hour

Maintenance Visit:

$225 per system with filter

$180 per system without a filter

*An additional $150.00 for Aprilaire 800 Humidifier service as needed (during maintenance visit only)

*An additional $100.00 for Aprilaire 700 Humidifier service as needed (during maintenance visit only)


Honeywell Prestige Thermostat: $850.00

Aprilaire 700 Humification system: $1,195.00

Aprilaire 800 Humification System: $2,050.00

Outdoor Sensor Battery Replacement: $20.00

AO Smith 50 Gallon Hot Water Tank: $1,850.00

Sentry Valve Replacement: $575.00

Board Replacement: $875.00

Refrigeration Charge: $190.00 First pound, $95.00 per pound after 1 pound

Capacitors & Contactors: $105.00

Honeywell Prestige Outdoor Sensor: $120.00

TXV Replacement: $1,750.00

Air Coil Replacement: $2,650.00

Spot Braze: $1,050.00

Air Coil Cleaning: $650.00

Geothermal System Inspection: $350.00